12 of 12 – May 2018

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  1. When Violet walked into the living area this morning with her “crunchy muesli” she declared that it was too bright and asked to wear her sunglasses. This kid, she kills me sometimes.
  2. Breakfast prep. Violet gets her first because hunger = hanger for this little girl. Today she’s chosen cornflakes with banana (of course). And a cup of warm Milo. Although it goes against my sensibilities for her to be having all that sugar at such a young age, it’s a bit of a last resort to try to boost the amount of iron she’s getting in her diet.
  3. Playing in the sandpit. Super fun for her. A nice distraction that buys a little bit of time for me.
  4. Oh yeah, Jack is right into his solid foods. We’re starting fairly slowly but so far, so good. Today it’s just a little bit of pureed fruit.
  5. I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately. It’s comforting and it seems to give me a nice calm boost in energy. My tolerance for coffee is just not what it once was so this is the next best thing. 
  6. I’ve decided today is the day to make a start on cleaning out my pantry. Why? Because I’m procrastinating…
  7. …From working on my assignment for uni which is due in less than 2 days and which I’ve just barely started on. 
  8. CRAFTING TIME! It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow so Violet and I are spending some time together making a lovely little card for G-Ma. 
  9. Jack is getting so close to being able to roll. While the weather is still fairly warm, I’m hoping that a little bit of time sans-clothing will help him to get there.
  10. The HelloFresh delivery came and I watched Violet hop into the box and pretend it was a car. So I decided to get a little crafty and pimp that box out. I was pretty impressed with my work. Typically, I spent 15 minutes making the car only for her to lose interest within 5 minutes of playing in it!
  11. It’s just the three of us this weekend. Lee is away in Sydney for the weekend that I booked for him for Valentine’s Day. It hasn’t been as tough as I worried it would be, though there have definitely been moments. I miss having him here. But I know this is something I’m going to have to adjust to with him starting FIFO soon.
  12. My sweet little Jack. Always smiling, often laughing, and loves his bathtime. We got so lucky with this little guy.

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