Week In The Life 2018 – Monday Photos & Stories

This is the third year I’ve worked on a Week in the Life project. This year I decided to do it a little later than everyone else just because life was way too hectic. I neither needed nor wanted the additional pressure and work that this project requires at that time. I also liked the idea of documenting our week a little later and into winter to see how the different season played out in our daily lives. I chose this week to document as both Lee and I would be home together all week – me on my mid-year break from uni, and Lee on his last week off work before starting his new job.
And of course it must be said that this is the first year of documenting our complete family now that baby Jack has joined us.

6:43am // Enjoying my coffee and some peace and quiet in the early morning hours. This morning I’m deactivating my Facebook account. I’ve decided to take a temporary break, most likely through to the end of my uni break at the least. I’m conscious of how much time and brain power I’ve been wasting on mindless scrolling lately.

6:47am // Good morning, Jack! Since he was 12 weeks old he’s sporadically teased us with sleeping 12ish hours through the night. But he’s yet to do it consistently. Now he’s on three solid meals a day we’ve been gradually reducing the amount of milk he has overnight working toward cutting it out altogether this week. But his sixth sense has obviously kicked in because he slept through all on his own. Yay JACK!

7:45am // Good morning, Violet. She’s been sleeping a bit later in the mornings over the last couple of weeks. She probably needs the sleep but since today is a school day, I have to get her up and out of bed. She’s had to sleep without her usual bedtime buddies last night because of yesterday’s incident involving a nappy full of poo being taken off during nap-time…

8:09am // Having Lee at home definitely makes the morning juggling act easier. While he sits with the kids for their breakfast, I’m making and packing Violet’s lunch for school today. 

8:33am // Toddler fashion… she is so in love with her gumboots. Last year it was the pink glitter gumboots. Now they’re too small, it’s all about these Minnie Mouse gumboots. These are slightly too big and I’m pretty sure they offer terrible support for her feet. Which means she trips over a lot when she’s running around in them. But she loves them and it just doesn’t feel worth the battle to get her to wear a different pair of shoes.

8:35am // Lee is on drop-off duty this morning. A quick caffeine hit before he’s out the door.

9:08am // Over the last 2 months or so I’ve made so many attempts to get back into some kind of exercise or fitness routine. The truth is that I’ve gained quite a bit of weight since Jack was born. Well, that’s after initially losing all my pregnancy weight. I’ve definitely been indulging in way too much emotional and stress-eating. And finding the time and energy to exercise has been difficult. But I’m going to keep on trying.

9:25am // While Mum and Dad are away in Europe, they’ve let me borrow their treadmill which is set up in the garage. I’m working on some running today. Time to see just how unfit I’ve become.

10:22am // And now it’s time for Lee to get ready for the gym. Which usually involves taking a really long time to drink his protein shake while looking at some kind of screen. This guy holds a masters degree in procrastination!

10:24am // Awake from his morning nap and cute as ever. Now that he’s so good and rolling around, it’s time to work on getting ready to crawl!

11:18am // Ahhh yep, here we are again. I keep coming back to this program time and time again because I know that it has worked and I know that it can work to get me going in the right direction. I just need to really focus on getting my head in the right space. And I need to not slack off when things get a little tough or when I start seeing the results.

11:27am // I stopped breastfeeding Jack almost exactly one month ago. I’m still a little bit sad about that eventuality. But I am still working through the pretty hefty stockpile of breast milk I’ve had in the freezer so he’s still getting some on most days.

11:35am – 11:48am // Lunch time! Last week I started introducing more “complex” meals  for Jack at lunch time. Today he’s having apricot chicken with brown rice. This not-so-little guy LOVES food. And he is such a messy eater. 

12:06pm // End of semester means spending some time sorting through, clearing out, tidying up and reorganising my study.  Things just get piled up everywhere during the hectic assignment + exam prep weeks of uni. I’m so looking forward to getting some solid crafty creative time in over the next month.

12:30pm // Yummy chicken & coleslaw wrap for lunch. Brining and then oven-baking chicken breasts has been a massive game changer for me.

12:39pm // Reeeeeelax. I have been running on empty for weeks now so it feels so good to finally put my feet up, pretty much guilt-free.

1:28pm // I’m loving my cups of tea at the moment. I was so looking forward to relaxing on the couch with this one. But that didn’t happen. And this cup of tea ended up down the sink.

1:53pm // Six months old today! Where has that time gone. So filled with love for our Jack and so bloody lucky to have him.

2:21pm // Life isn’t always rosey. Sometimes it’s just overwhelmingly shitty. Taking Jack out for some fresh air and a walk to try to clear my head and hopefully calm myself down.

3:03pm // A quick play together before Jack goes down for his last nap of the day.

4:13pm // Violet is home from school. “I need a hammer!” she declared as she went running into the kitchen and rummaging through the draws looking for my meat mallet. She’s been playing with the screw in the back of her Baby Bjorn doll and needed the hammer to try to knock it back into place.

4:14pm // My funny-faced girl! I don’t know how or where or when she learned this but lately when I try to take photos of her she starts making crazy faces. I am so loving seeing this fun and playful side of her personality developing.

4:38pm // And we’re having an early bath tonight. Because toilet training is not really going as well as it should be and she keeps having accidents. When she’s at home at least, at school they tell me she’s totally in control of taking herself off to the toilet when she needs to go. Sigh.

6:06pm // Jack’s turn for a bath. Lee has been on bath + bed duty for Jack for the last couple of weeks. Which gives me time to get dinner finished and on the table for Lee, Violet and I. But I have to admit, I have been missing the sweet snuggle time with my boy.

6:46pm // Post-dinner clean-up and dishes are usually a team event these nights. Sometimes working side-by-side, other times taking turns getting it done.


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