Week in the Life 2018 – Friday Photos & Stories

5:48am // Jack has been pretty well sleeping right through the night this last week. But he is waking up a fair bit earlier than I would like. Once or twice I tried leaving him in his room until 7:30am but that just ended with a tired and cranky baby for the rest of the day. So I’m now just going in and giving him his first feed of the day at this time, but in a completely dark room. Hopefully he’ll start sleeping a bit longer on his own.

6:08am // I’ve been cleaning up Angel’s accidents every morning. The poor old thing is deaf and blind and right now I’m sure she has no idea where she is or what’s going on. I can still remember the day that I bought her home and she stood at the window looking out and crying. It’s crazy to think she’s still around after all these years. 

9:24am // We usually have packages delivered a couple of times a week. Lee and I are both fans of online shopping… partly for convenience, partly for necessity and partly because going to the shops and having to deal with people can be exhausting.

9:25am // I’m trying to set the mood or the tone for today (that is, to keep Violet calm and happy) by getting some music playing. I miss the days where I would have music playing almost non-stop throughout the day.

9:34am // Violet is pretty happy with the music so far, doing some interpretive chair dancing.

9:36am // Pulling out all the big guns. I’ve been using essential oils a lot more over the past couple of months. I have a few books that I’ve bought to educate myself a little more when I have the time. This oil burner isn’t anywhere near as effective as an electric diffuser. But I’m yet to find a diffuser that runs on battery and I don’t have anywhere close enough to a power outlet to put one in the living area.

9:41am // Violet started playing with the threading beads from yesterday and I was super impressed (and very proud) to see her sorting all the pink beads into one group together. Having just covered early maths concepts in one of my units at uni this year I know that this is quite a big accomplishment for a girl of her age. She really is such a clever and bright little thing…which I’m sure is a big part of the reason for our struggles with her and her behaviour right now.

10:10am // New PJ’s for Lee and I! We both love Peter Alexander PJ’s and when I saw a sale, we decided to treat ourselves to some new winter jarmies.

10:18am // At some point Lee decided he didn’t like the music I was playing and switched it to something that was pretty heavy sounding. I told him why I was playing the music and asked him to please switch it back to something a little more calming. I had a bit of a laugh when I saw my phone and his interpretation of calming music… just search for Mozart.

10:37am // A quick feed for Jack. Pretty sure that Lee is loving the new hands-free feeds.

10:46am // Making some cloud dough with Violet. I know that if I can keep her occupied and entertained and stimulated, we all have a better day. I’ve had the supplies for making the cloud dough in the cupboard for a little while and decided today was the day. She loved helping me pour, then mix. And of course we needed our aprons and she needed her hat. It’s messy, but its fun. And Violet loves it.

11:02am // BEFORE – Lee is off to get his mop cut.

11:06am // I learned my lesson the last time we had cloud dough. This time it’s an outside activity. 

11:08am // When we got our new TV at the start of the year and my surround sound system stopped working, I practically begged to get a  soundbar and was given a pretty hard no in response. So I was shocked last night when Lee told me he’d ordered a soundbar for the theatre online. Even more shocked when it turned up on our door this morning… about 12 hours after placing the order!

11:27am // Getting Violet’s lunch ready. Peanut paste + honey. This is definitely her current favourite sandwich spread.

11:28am // She’s pretty proud of her baking efforts. These are biscuits, baked in the cubby-house oven!

12:47am // AFTER – this is a very short haircut. Almost army-short.

1:16pm // Oh, if only. Behind this door a little angel is most definitely NOT sleeping. Nap times are so hit and miss now. She will go days at a time without a nap, then days at a time sleeping anywhere up to three hours. I think it’s still too soon to drop the nap altogether though so she’s going to keep going in there for some rest time, not matter how difficult it can be to make it happen.

2:51pm – 2:55pm // We make a fairly impromptu decision to head out for an afternoon outing. Hitting up The Cheese Barrel for some wine and delicious cheeses. Even Violet gets in on the action with her own kids cheese + fruit platter. 

3:10pm // Stinky blue cheese. It took me a long time to acquire the taste for it but now I love it. It feels like one of those crucial steps into true adulthood. Much like the ability to enjoy a fine single malt whisky.

3:55pm // After our food + wine I take Violet up among the vines for some running and dancing. How utterly beautiful and joyous.

3:57pm // I am so happy that we chose to move out here by the Swan Valley so that stunning views like this are almost literally right on our doorstop. Although it’s winter, we’re still very much enjoying the Autumn hues of rusty red and burnt orange. 

3:58pm // And the bright green of the field of clover. It may have been the glasses of wine but I was definitely appreciating the beauty of our surroundings this afternoon.

4:50pm // Back home and Violet is straight outside to make more mess with the cloud dough. And happily finding and wearing the new sunglasses we thought we had lost.

4:51pm // I was feeling so relaxed and content when we got home and would have loved to just curl up on the couch. But, duty calls and so I must prepare dinner. 

6:48pm // We managed to get both kids in bed early and decided to eat dinner in the theatre tonight. Some simple but very tasty (and healthy) beef fajitas.


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