Week in the Life 2018 – Saturday Photos & Stories

Today’s schedule of events was hectic. And when I woke up, the cold that had been lingering for the last few days had finally taken hold and I was so tempted to cancel all plans and just rest. But I pushed on and got through it.

7:55am // The nights are definitely getting colder now so these two munchkins are wearing three layers to bed at night. A long-sleeved thermal t-shirt, a full length Bonds zippy and a pair of flannelette jarmies on the top. So cute.

8:23am // In the car on my way to appointment number one for the day. Waxing.

10:12am // This is what is waiting to greet me when I get home. Violet in her PJ’s still, with her face still covered in babychino and breakfast.

10:22am // And this unmade bed. Lee and I don’t share the same desire for the bed to be made each morning.

10:48am // The mad rush has started for both Lee and I to get ready and get out of the house for our next appointments. I set Jack up on our bed with his milk while I’m in the bathroom getting ready.

10:50am // Showered and brushing then blow-drying my hair. I often wish I had more time, motivation and skill to do more with my hair. It’s getting really thin again now that I’ve lost so much after having Jack. And it’s pretty short right now. Although I could definitely go shorter in the future…

11:23am // In the car on the way to appointment number two for the day. Makeup.

11:41am // Lee and I double-booked today and ended up with appointments at the same time. With mum & dad on holidays we had no choice but to split the kids up between us. Jack is hanging out with me while I get my makeup done, and Violet has gone with Lee and will spend an hour or so with Charlotte and Aleisha while he’s at his appointment.

12:48pm // Aside from the two weddings I’ve been in, I’ve never had makeup professionally applied before. This is intended to be a trial before booking a makeup artist for our wedding next year. I do like the overall impact, but having makeup so thick and heavy is very different for me and takes a little getting used to.

1:16pm // A quick lunch of rice + veggies + tuna before I finish getting ready to head out.

2:36pm // An extremely rare and unusual event… I ironed something.

2:43pm // Dressed and ready to go. I have such mixed feelings and many thoughts when looking at this photo of myself. Suffice to say I don’t love the way that I look at the moment. 

3:17pm // In the car on the way to appointment number three for the day. An engagement party. With a quick stop at mum & dad’s to pick up my denim jacket and gaze longingly at the wardrobe of all my gorgeous clothes that are there waiting for me to lose enough weight to fit back into them again.

5:22pm // Selfie with the girls at the engagement party. I am finding social events more difficult these days. I love being with other people but I think I’ve become so isolated in my own world that I struggle to interact really well with other adults. And because I’m struggling in general at the moment, all my thoughts and words and energy are consumed elsewhere.

7:49pm // I didn’t want to have a big night and waste the day tomorrow feeling under the weather. Plus, I just don’t really like being out without Lee. So I’m home pretty early, we’re both showered and in our PJ’s.

7:50pm // Pizza for dinner. 

7:54pm // Settling in to watch a movie together – Bad Grandpa. I can’t believe the size of the soundbar Lee ordered. Apparently it’s designed for a 65-inch TV which we don’t have. But that’s classic Lee – if there is a bigger version, he’ll buy it.


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