Week in the Life 2018 – Sunday Photos & Stories

The final day of the week in our life. Although I still love this project, I am worn out by the end of it and somewhat happy to wrap it up for another year.

6:48am // I woke up this morning feeling worse than I did yesterday. When I’m sick with a head cold, I skip the morning coffee and have tea instead. 

7:27am // Honey on toast feels like the comforting morning food that I need. And Violet is awake so she wants some too.

7:29am // Propped up in Daddy’s chair with her blanket and her toast, watching some Peppa Pig on the TV in the theatre.

7:50am // Ella loves sitting up on the chairs with whoever she can squeeze in with. But I don’t think she was quite expecting or too welcoming of some early morning squishy hugs from Violet. 

7:51am // This little dude is still asleep. I could sit and watch him sleep for hours, his sweet little face. But if I don’t wake him up now, it will throw his schedule off for the rest of the day.

8:38am // What’s worse than me feeling sick? Lee feeling sick. Which, today, he is. And right before he starts his new job.

8:45am // The signs of an unwell household – a bin full of snotty tissues.

9:34am // We love bacon + eggs on toast for breakfast. I’m not getting any today though.

9:39am // Violet also loves when we have bacon + eggs on toast for breakfast. More specifically, she likes to be fed bites of it from our plate (although she won’t have it for breakfast herself).

10:11am // Violet is helping me to get some washing done this morning. The laundry is so overcrowded at the moment with two sets of dog things (bowls + beds).

10:14am // Meanwhile, Lee is outside cleaning the door mat which was soiled by Angel a couple of nights ago.

10:15am // She’s had cameras in her face her entire life so she is no stranger to them. But now she loves playing with them. She understands looking through the viewfinder and asks us to “say cheese” or “smile please”. We’ve ordered her a cheap old digital camera from ebay to let her have some fun taking her own photos.

10:28am // Printed out next weeks’ meal plan and I’m getting the shopping list ready to head out in time for Coles to open.

10:46am // Violet asked to go outside to play and Lee clearly decided that it wasn’t worth the fight to get her out of her PJ’s before hitting the sandpit. So here she is, playing in the wet sand in her jarmies. She’ll definitely need a warm bath once she’s done playing.

12:48pm // Back home and ready to unload. Grocery shopping always takes longer than I’d like it to. And I’m constantly annoyed and frustrated at the rudeness, ignorance and self-importance of other people at the shop. 

1:53pm // He is really working hard to get ready for crawling. From this position he’s rocking himself around backward and forward. He can move his hands around from side to side to turn himself. And he is just started to scoot himself backwards. I’m kind of hoping he’ll be crawling by the time that mum & dad get back from their holiday so that he’ll have a cool new trick to show them.

2:09pm // I picked up some kids vitamin gummies at the shops while I was out. She thinks it’s a lolly which is kind of ok with me. More crazy faces make me laugh!

2:13pm // I hope it’s not the man-flu. 

3:05pm // Violet helps me to make some mini banana + sultana muffins. They’ll go into her lunch box for school this week, we’ll throw some in the freezer and we’ll give some to Charlotte to take home when we see her tomorrow.

3:56pm // Violet is doing some painting with water colours. Lee is folding washing while watching Mozart in the Jungle. I am making a start on tonight’s dinner.

6:23pm // It is pretty cute and sweet to see Ella and Angel sleeping side by side during the day and at night.

6:47pm // Dinner tonight was a last minute substitution to the meal plan to satisfy us both while we’re sick. Chicken + quinoa soup with lots of veggies and a sprinkle of chilli flakes. 

6:54pm // The second State of Origin match is on tonight, which is different because they’re usually all played on a Wednesday. Although I’m really not into the game, I’m keeping Lee company while he watches. NSW won which means the won the series which is a pretty big deal.

8:09pm // I thought I was done making Lee’s lunches when he finished up his job a few weeks ago. But it turns out I have another week and a half to go while he’s training in the city. I don’t necessarily mind making his lunch, but it’s just another item on my list of things to do that sometimes I wish I could forget about. I do know that he loves having food prepared for him so for that reason, making his lunch does make me happy.

8:41pm // Hot toddies to end the night and end the week. 




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