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This being the first year that I’ve participated in the Week In The Life project, I’m flying by the seat of my pants a little bit. I’ve not done a whole lot of reading of what others have done or viewed past projects to obtain ideas. I’m just approaching this with the intent to take photos of as many of the parts of my daily life as I can remember to. Looking back over the photos I’ve taken so far I can see that there are probably way more than is actually necessary. Although I may not decide to include them all in my album, I am going to include them all in my daily blog posts.

There is one shot that I know I will repeat for every day of the week and that is me (or Lee on the weekends) making my morning coffee. It’s a ritual and a small luxury that I simply cannot live without. Lee bought this big, fancy Breville Double Boiler coffee machine with him when he drove over from Sydney in June last year. Although we seem to be forever making the trip out to Yahava to buy coffee beans, this is a much cheaper and more convenient alternative to going and buying a coffee every morning or *shudder* drinking instant.

WITL Monday 20161

6:28am – I’m awake and checking my phone, with Ella tucked up against me on the bed. This has become such a bad habit and a terrible time waster. Most mornings I’ll spend half an hour like this instead of getting up and doing something before Violet wakes up.


WITL Monday 20162

WITL Monday 20163

WITL Monday 20164

7:00am – Violet is awake and so we start our little morning ritual which always includes a nappy change, a good morning cuddle and some time chilling out on the couch with Ella while I get her bottle of milk ready. It’s been pretty cold these last few mornings so I’ve finally been able to put her Minnie Mouse dressing gown to use. I just about melt every time I put it on her, she is just that freaking adorable.


WITL Monday 20165

7:30am – Lee had been pestering me for a while to get his car booked in for a service. I procrastinated for as long as I could because the thought of having to drive his car there and back was freaking me out a bit. I really don’t like driving his car, I’m so worried that I’m going to stall it and end up stuck in the middle of traffic panicking and unable to re-start the car. Happily I made it all the way to the mechanic with not a hint of trouble. The amusing irony is that I did end up stalling it and not being able to re-start it, right in the parking lot outside the mechanic. So I left it right where it landed – not quite straight, not quite all the way in and spread across two lanes.


WITL Monday 20166

7:54am – I love that mum and dad are so close to us and always willing to move their schedules around to help us. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. Of course they love the opportunity to spend some time with Violet as well.
This morning they both came over early to help me out with getting Lee’s car to the mechanic. Mum stayed home with Violet while dad followed me out there and drove me home.


WITL Monday 20168

8:25am – Breakfast. I’m a little late with this today with me heading out to drop the car off. Because it’s the beginning of the week I’m kind of half filled with motivation and determination so my breakfast is straight off the Michelle Bridges menu.


WITL Monday 20169

WITL Monday 201611

WITL Monday 201610

WITL Monday 201612

WITL Monday 201615

9:06am to 9:32am – By the end of each weekend I always feel that the house looks like a bomb has gone off. There is just so much *stuff* has accumulated around the place. So my Monday mornings are usually spent tidying up and trying to restore some semblance of order so that I can breathe a little easier. Mess and disorganisation makes me pretty anxious.
Right now we’re in my little 2 x 1 duplex. I’ve lived here for nearly five years now and although I do still love this house, it just isn’t really big enough for us anymore. There are *things* everywhere and nowhere to put them away. So much of my heart and soul has been poured into this place and I know that I will be so sad to say goodbye to it when the time comes, but I do hope that time comes soon.


WITL Monday 201613

9:08am – Making the bed is something that I have to do each morning. It tends to be one of the first things that I do. I can’t deal with having an unmade bed and I struggle to get going with my day until it has been done. This is one of my little quirks that Lee finds amusing, but doesn’t really understand.


WITL Monday 201614

9:31am – Lee bought these flowers for me yesterday morning for my first Mother’s Day. It’s still quite a surreal feeling, being a mother. I don’t know if I really believe that the title befits me yet and I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.
I am really enjoying seeing these flowers in the room though. There was a time where I would buy fresh flowers every week, making up small arrangements in old jars and spreading them throughout the house. I loved that. I would like to start doing that again.


WITL Monday 201616

9:41am – When I remember them, I take a few different vitamins and supplements twice a day. Some may consider it to be unnecessary but I’ve come to believe that we can no longer consume the quality of nutrients from our food that the likes of our great-grandparents and beyond did. And I know that I feel better and have more energy when I remember to take them. My regime at the moment includes a multivitamin, fish oil (EPA/DHA), vitamin D, magnesium, spirulina and iron.


WITL Monday 201617

10:06am – Breakfast time for Violet! At the moment she is having the first of her two meals right after her morning nap. She has some baby porridge with fruit and she absolutely loves it.


WITL Monday 201618

10:49am – The first of what will be many loads of washing for the week. I can’t believe how the amount of washing I now do each week has grown so exponentially with the addition first of Lee and then Violet into my life. I do experience a small burst of joy whenever I look at Violet’s tiny human clothes pegged out on the line, I envy her wardrobe!


WITL Monday 201619

11:00am – When she’s not scooting around on the ground, Violet loves to amuse herself bouncing and playing in this little jumper activity centre. She’s starting to experience the baby version of separation anxiety now which meant that the entire time I was hanging the washing out on the line this morning (the whole 10 minutes of it) she was sitting here whinging and sooking. Which stopped the second I walked back in and started paying her some attention again. Cheeky little monkey that she is.


WITL Monday 201620

11:39am – Ugh. Scrubbing the shower. I hate it. I don’t do it anywhere near as often as I should. Today I had the added bonus of the sooky baby soundtrack coming from the living room.


WITL Monday 201621

11:43am – It feels like it’s been such a topsy turvy day. I was up and dressed and out the door earlier than I usually am, then came home and got back into my PJ’s. And now here we are at nearly midday and I’m still in my PJ’s. And I haven’t had a shower. Or brushed my teeth!
During the day, this is where Violet and I sit for her to have her bottles of milk. Ella will usually be close by, sometimes she tries to jump up to sit in Violet’s lap. There are days where these little milk breaks are the only opportunity I have to sit down for more than a couple of minutes.


WITL Monday 201622

1:05pm – Lunch. Another one straight off the Michelle Bridges menu plan, a chicken Caesar sandwich. And a mint tea, which I haven’t had for ages but for some reason felt like drinking today.


WITL Monday 201623

1:09pm – Still in my PJ’s! Food first, then a shower.


WITL Monday 201624

WITL Monday 201625

WITL Monday 201626

1:49pm to 1:59pm – Violet has just become mobile over the last week. She had been working up to it for weeks and now gets around with a move that is like a hybrid between a four-legged crawl, a commando crawl and a worm. I know I’ve got my work cut out for me keeping and eye on her and making sure she doesn’t get into any mischief. Ella is never very far away, they’re already best friends which I think is absolutely adorable. Right now they have this little cat and mouse act that they play with each other where they kind of want to play but kind of don’t so they’ll take turns reaching out for each other and then pulling away.


WITL Monday 201627

WITL Monday 201628

2:35pm – Violet starting getting really sooky and whinging and crying again so I do something that I once said I wouldn’t do, I let her watch some TV with me. I had such high aspirations for keeping her away from TV and electronic screens until she was at least two years old. Well that was just never going to happen in this house.
I’ve finally had a shower and washed my hair, something that I only tend to do twice a week. This relatively quiet and peaceful moment with the three of us on the couch feels good, it’s a little bit of relaxation in the midst of what feels like a hectic day.


WITL Monday 201630

4:36pm – I got the phone call from the mechanic to tell me that Lee’s car is ready to be picked up. So mum comes over to watch Violet and I catch and Uber out to pick up the car. This is me psyching myself up for the drive home. I make it home without stalling the car (yay!) but I can tell that something is not quite right as the wheels feel really out of balance.


WITL Monday 201631

5:14pm – Lee got home from work not long after I got back with his car. He took it for a test drive and yes, the wheels are out of balance. Brilliant.
Lee’s work days have been pretty long the last week or so and he’s knackered by the time he does finally get home. So as much as it irritates me that he tends to just dump his stuff on the kitchen floor, I suck it up and deal with it. Those dirty boots though… they belong outside (grumble grumble).
I can


WITL Monday 201632

5:15pm – Putting away Violet’s clothes.


WITL Monday 201633

5:34pm – This kid absolutely loves bath time. She doesn’t even need any bath toys, though of course she’ll play with them when she’s there. She is an epic kicker and splasher, definitely a little water baby. I do most of the bathing but Lee does step in a few times a week.


WITL Monday 201635

6:30pm – While I’m bathing Violet and getting her to bed, Lee is catching up on his reading. He would spend hours reading through new articles on technology, cars or games if he could.


WITL Monday 201636

7:16pm – Dinner time. These have been creeping later and later and getting dangerously close to Masterchef time. I was too hungry to take a photo of the food; beef stroganoff.


WITL Monday 201637

7:32pm – I cook, he does the dishes. I help with the dishes.

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