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Hello Tuesday. I’m taking the initiative and getting a head start by getting myself up and out of bed at 6:30am and making my coffee before Violet wakes up.

Here is how it all went…


WITL Tuesday 2016 1

5:03am – Lee gets up for work at 5:00am every day. I know it’s still tough for him getting up this early every day, especially now it’s getting colder. As soon as his alarm goes off, I roll over to his side of the bed (assuming he hasn’t moved over to mine in his sleep which happens a lot lately) and we snuggle for a few minutes before he gets up.
Then, because I’m a bit selfish right now and want that extra sleep, I turn on the “rain sounds” white noise on my phone so that I can drift back off without being disturbed by the noises of him going about getting ready, getting his coffee and his breakfast.
At about 6:00am, he comes back in and lets Ella into the bedroom, gives me a kiss goodbye and he’s off for the day.


WITL Tuesday 2016 2

6:30am – I’m up and out of bed and making my coffee. The mornings are starting to get colder. I love the cold, I always have. But since having Violet I have actually found it a little less easy to tolerate.
Lucky for me I have a brand spanking new, snuggly and warm Peter Alexander dressing gown which I received on Sunday for Mothers Day.


WITL Tuesday 2016 3

6:31am – Clearly Ella doesn’t tolerate the cold too well either. When I got up this morning I saw that Lee had moved her bed over into the middle of the floor so it was closer to the heater.


WITL Tuesday 2016 4

6:39am – Sitting down to enjoy my coffee and make a few notes.


WITL Tuesday 2016 5

6:40am – I look over to the couch and see that this morning Lee has neatly folded his PJ’s and socks. He gets dressed into his work clothes out here every morning. Some mornings they’re in a pile somewhere in the bedroom, some mornings they’re thrown across the couch in the living room. Today they’re folded which makes a nice change.


WITL Tuesday 2016 6

7:15am – Violet is awake! She is always so happy to see me in the morning and has the biggest smiles for me. My heart melts. This is one of my favourite parts of the day.


WITL Tuesday 2016 7

7:33am – Wearing my new dressing gown. It’s so warm and soft!
This is how we usually sit for Violet’s first bottle of milk for the day. I use the time to watch videos on my laptop, mostly to do with memory keeping and lately all Ali Edwards. I’ve watched so many of her videos that I am pretty sure Violet now recognises her voice.


WITL Tuesday 2016 8

8:03am – Violet is off to spend the day with Gmar and Gpar (aka my mum and dad) because I am getting my hair done. Her breakfast and bottles of milk are all packed and ready to go.


WITL Tuesday 2016 9

8:18am – Ella is also going to spend the day at my parents’ place. It will be good for her to get some socialising in with Angel (though I know that she’ll probably spend the day terrorising her) and good for me to have a little bit of peace and quiet in the house for a few hours before I go off to my appointment.


WITL Tuesday 2016 10

8:51am – Breakfast is a little late this morning. Chocolate and banana smoothie.


WITL Tuesday 2016 11

9:30am – I sat down to my laptop and had received a reply to some enquiries I had sent off about re-enrolling at university. I’m sending off my application to resume the course I started back in 2002 though I’m not sure if I’ll be accepted or I will have to reapply to start again.


WITL Tuesday 2016 12

9:32am – I’m changed into my “housework” clothes so that I can power through a little bit of cleaning while there is no one else in the house.
When I got home from dropping Violet and Ella off at mum and dad’s I am struck at not just how quiet the house was but how empty it feels. It wasn’t all that long ago that this is how I lived here, quite and alone. Now the house is filled with bodies and noise and although sometimes I long for the quietness I once had, for a day spent on the couch doing nothing but watching back to back episodes of some TV show, it just doesn’t feel right for the house to be empty. It’s funny how quickly life changes.


WITL Tuesday 2016 13

9:57am – Piling everything up in the living room so that I can mop the floors. Another job I dislike doing and don’t do nearly often enough.


WITL Tuesday 2016 14

10:39am – This is my very modest little makeup cabinet. I’ve never really been very good with makeup and I don’t tend to wear a lot of it. I make more of an effort when I’m going out now than I did before and my preferences have definitely matured; shimmery eye shadow and glossy lips have been replaced by a more natural looking highlighted eye palette and classic Chanel red lips. I adore the Benefit range of products right now. I wish I could afford to buy more. And I really would love to some day go off and take a makeup course so that I can learn how to apply it better than I do.
Most days that I’m at home I don’t bother putting anything on but since I’m going out today I’m wearing a little highlighter (to banish the under eye circles!), BB cream and mascara.


WITL Tuesday 2016 15

11:25am – In the car on the way to the hairdressers.


WITL Tuesday 2016 16

11:55am – The little bag of goodies I have taken with me to the hairdresser. I try to use this time productively rather than sitting and reading magazines. I almost always take my laptop with me and some food since I’m normally there for at least a couple of hours.


WITL Tuesday 2016 17

12:23pm – Getting my roots touched up. I’ll admit it, I’m not naturally blonde. I used to be, but now it comes with the help of my hairdresser, Renee.


WITL Tuesday 2016 18

12:27pm – Lunch. Leftover beef stroganoff.


WITL Tuesday 2016 19

2:28pm – Home again briefly to do a couple of things and take a quick snapshot of my hair. Oh how I wish I could blow dry my own hair properly!


WITL Tuesday 2016 20

2:35pm – I’m back over at mum and dad’s to pick up Violet and Ella. Dad loves taking Violet outdoors and into the sun. He swears that this is the answer to sleeping well and I tend to agree that it helps. Violet is absolutely fascinated by her Gpar and I know that she loves spending time with him.


WITL Tuesday 2016 21

3:15pm – We’re back home again and sitting down to give Violet her third bottle of milk for the day. Ella pretty well collapsed as soon as we got home, I’m guessing she did a lot of running around after Angel while she was at mum and dad’s house.


WITL Tuesday 2016 22

3:44pm – When Lee moved over here he had to be very selective in what he bought with him, he could only bring what would fit in his car. And I’ll never forget the conversation we had after he had been here for a few weeks where he told me that he felt like he had left a big chunk of himself and his personality back in Sydney with all of his toys and nicknacks. It broke my heart a little bit that my house, our house, didn’t feel like his home. So every now and then I buy him something, some little toy or figurine. I bought Chewbacca earlier today during a quick stop at the shops. He’s joining Darth Vader and Yoda. I hope that these small things are making a difference for Lee.


WITL Tuesday 2016 23

4:19pm – I decide to get a head start on dinner when I look at the recipe and realise there is a fair bit of chopping and prepping involved.


WITL Tuesday 2016 24

WITL Tuesday 2016 25

4:42pm – Dinner time for Violet. Dinner at the moment is a mix of pureed vegetables with a little bit of baby rice cereal. I’m really looking forward to trying out different foods with Violet but I’m also nervous that they might upset her little tummy. I already know that she’s sensitive to milk proteins and that cauliflower doesn’t really agree with her. And having just been through a really rough patch with her at night, I’m worried about doing anything that might upset the balance we’ve found.


WITL Tuesday 2016 26

5:08pm – I’m very quickly learning that I need to keep a close eye on this little munchkin. She scoots around so quickly and is so eager to explore.


WITL Tuesday 2016 27

7:44pm – Violet is in bed, dinner has been eaten (which again, I forgot to photograph) and Lee is patiently waiting for me to shower and get into my PJ’s so that we can sit and watch something together. This is our “together” time at the end of each day. It’s just unfortunate that our together time takes place on two different couches since none of the chairs are really big enough for the two of us to sit comfortably on together. Hopefully some day soon we’ll be in a new and bigger house with new and bigger couches.


WITL Tuesday 2016 28

8:02pm – Tonight we’re watching the latest Game of Thrones episode (Season 6, Episode 3). Lee is drinking scotch, I have a sugar-free hot chocolate.

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