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Ahhh Wednesday. Monday was so out of sorts and hectic, Tuesday was the day for me to catch up on housework. I had such high hopes that Wednesday would give me a chance to breathe and relax. Alas, it wasn’t to be! Here is what actually went down…


WITL Wednesday 2016 1

6:24am – When Lee got home from work yesterday he told me that his car wasn’t quite right. Not only were the wheels out of balance but the reverse lights weren’t working and there was a banging sound coming from the front drivers side. So I knew that I was going to have to call the mechanic again to take the car back.
What I wasn’t expecting was that Lee would leave just after 6am as usual, and then 10 minutes later come back through the door telling me that he had to take my car to work because the knocking sound from yesterday is so much worse today. Just fabulous. So here I am scrolling through my phone and trying not to let myself get worked up about the spanner that has just been thrown into the works.


WITL Wednesday 2016 2

7:26am – Seriously, could she be any cuter?


WITL Wednesday 2016 3

8:21am – An early phone call to the mechanic and they agreed for me to take the car back to them first thing. The next phone call was to mum & dad to try to organise the logistics of getting the car to the mechanic, me back home and make sure that Violet was taken care of. Dad came to the rescue once again, turning their car seat around for Violet and following me out to the mechanic to pick me up again.
And Violet, bless her little heart, took it all in her stride and seemed to enjoy her little early morning pyjama-clad outing.


WITL Wednesday 2016 4

8:35am – Throwing another spanner in the works this morning, when I tried to turn my laptop on I was faced with a blank screen. I could hear the hard drive firing up but no screen. I started freaking out. But a quick google search and a couple of tricky tricks and I had it back up and running again. I feel like time is running out with this thing but right now I can’t afford a new one so I’m just hoping it doesn’t die on me.


WITL Wednesday 2016 5

8:36am – It’s cold. The first chance I’ve had to bring out one of my many scarves this year.


WITL Wednesday 2016 6

8:49am – Breakfast. This is not on the Michelle Bridges meal plan. This is all about comfort. Once vegemite, one honey.


WITL Wednesday 2016 7

8:54am – This has become Ella’s favourite spot to sit in the morning when the sun is hitting this side of the house.


WITL Wednesday 2016 8

9:22am – I’m looking down at my feet in my really very comfortable K-Mart slippers and thinking about how desperately I need a pedicure. There was a time I would have one every fortnight. I miss that.


WITL Wednesday 2016 9

10:01am – I’ve managed to put my neck out and so have woken with a dull headache and neck ache every morning for the last few days. So I’m turning to my old faithful friend, Tiger Balm. I think I must have about half a dozen jars of Tiger Balm in the first aid box. It really does work wonders and I love the smell.


WITL Wednesday 2016 10

11:07am – The sun is shining and I’ve got some washing to hang on the line to I take the opportunity to let Violet spend some time outdoors. As usual, Ella isn’t far away. But unlike inside the house where it is Violet’s domain and Ella tends to take a back seat, out here Ella rules the roost. She gets so excited when anyone goes out the back and starts to show off by running around in circles and throwing her toys around. It’s terribly cute.


WITL Wednesday 2016 11

11:12am – I couldn’t quite figure out what Violet was grizzling about until I realised she had somehow managed to get herself stuck in this position. She couldn’t roll herself all the way over and couldn’t roll herself back. Poor munchkin.


WITL Wednesday 2016 12

12:19pm – This is an almost daily event here. So much so that our driver knows both of us by name. Lee and I are both big fans of online shopping.


WITL Wednesday 2016 13

1:04pm – Lunch. Leftover Chicken Enchilada’s and a big glass of water.


WITL Wednesday 2016 14

3:15pm – Every week I print off the meal plan for the week and stick it up on the fridge. Even before I had signed up for the Michelle Bridges program, I would write up my own meal plan and stick it to the fridge.
Right next to the meal plan is the shopping list notepad that Lee and I use to write down anything that we’re running low on (although he usually forgets and about 15 minutes after I’ve returned from shopping will ask me “did you get any spray & wipe?” which of course I haven’t because it wasn’t on the list!). And underneath is my house cleaning schedule / routine (sourced from Clean Mama). There was a time I would also have a weekly calendar / schedule up there too but with Lee working full time and me not really having much of a life outside the house it seems like a redundant exercise at the moment.
I am obviously someone who likes to have structure and organisation!


WITL Wednesday 2016 15

4:51pm – I’ve been back out to the mechanic to collect Lee’s car and thank goodness it’s running like a champion and they didn’t charge me any more to fix the issues. Phew.
I stopped by mum & dad’s on the way home to wish them bon voyage as they’re off on a big adventure to Canada and Alaska tonight. I’m equal parts jealous of their jet setting and sad that they’re going to be away for so long. They’re such a big part of my social interaction during the week.
Mum made this tray of muesli bar slice for Lee. I don’t quite know how he has managed it but he now has both mum and I baking him treats. He says it’s his charm that has hooked us in.


WITL Wednesday 2016 16

4:52pm – Thursday is bin day and the garbage trucks come early around here so I have to remember to put them out on Wednesday afternoon.


WITL Wednesday 2016 17 v2


4:53pm – I figured that Lee would want to take the car for a spin when he got home so I left it parked outside the house on the street. I had to drive all the way around the block so that I could arrive at the house from the right direction to be able to park it here (I’m still too nervous about stalling to try reversing it). When I go to put the bins out and see where I’ve parked, I know that he’s going to make fun of me for parking so far away from the kerb.


WITL Wednesday 2016 18

4:54pm – Yes, that’s the mop and bucket still sitting out the front of the house from when I cleaned the floors yesterday morning. Chances are it will still be there at the end of the week. It’s just one of my things.


WITL Wednesday 2016 19

6:03pm – Lee’s on bedtime duties tonight. A bottle of milk for Violet and a bottle of beer for Lee. He doesn’t get to spend an awful lot of time with her now that he’s working such long hours during the week. So these little bits of bonding time are pretty special.


WITL Wednesday 2016 20

6:04pm – Violet’s bedtime routine has pretty much been the same since she was around 6 weeks old. At about 5:30pm she has a bath, then into her room to get dressed in her PJ’s. She has her last bottle of milk sitting in the rocking chair with some classical music playing. Then we read some stories (these are the three we’re reading each night at the moment) and into her cot she goes. Right now she’s sleeping through from 6:30pm to around 7:00am. It is absolute bliss and I hope that it continues.


WITL Wednesday 2016 21

WITL Wednesday 2016 22

7:15pm – I forgot to take the pork fillets out of the freezer for dinner tonight so we order takeaway. We’re trying a new Indian place tonight and it’s pretty tasty! We pretty much always order the same thing – butter chicken, lamb rogan josh, mixed veg curry, saffron rice and two serves of garlic naan.


WITL Wednesday 2016 23

7:49pm – After dinner each night I get Lee’s lunch ready for the next day. Usually he has leftovers of whatever we have had for dinner but since we had takeaway tonight, I’m making him a couple of sandwiches instead.


Processed with VSCO with q3 preset

8:55pm – After brushing my teeth, this is my little bedtime ritual. Pawpaw ointment slathered on my lips, hand cream on and about half an hour or so of reading. As much as I love real books, I do most of my reading on my kindle now. It’s just so convenient being able to carry a ton of books around in just one little device and since almost all of my reading is done in bed now with Lee trying to go to sleep, the kindle is awesome because it’s backlit meaning I can read it without having to have the lamp on.
Right now I’m reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.


WITL Wednesday 2016 26

8:57pm – Ella and I are in bed while Lee is getting his clothes out ready for work tomorrow morning. In a few minutes he’ll come in and Ella will be kicked off our bed and head off to her own bed. And that’s a wrap for another day.

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  1. I love Mem Fox and read to my kids when they were babies. Good for you for having such a consistent and early bedtime routine – while it may not look exactly the same as she grows, she will likely always be a good sleeper. My boys are now 12 and 9 and still go to bed by 8-8:15.

    I am also reading You Before Me – loving it, but almost done and I’m trying to slow down to savour it. Movie coming out soon…

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