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With the craziness of the last few days hopefully behind us, I’m looking forward to a day at home with very little on the agenda or to-do list.

Here is how Thursday went…


WITL Thursday 2016 1

7:20am – Every morning when I get Violet out of her cot and before I change her very full nappy, we stop for a few minutes to say good morning to the baby in the mirror. I think she is started to grasp the concept of the mirror, although there are times where she is visibly confused at how I can be in the mirror and right next to her at the same time. This mirror is perpetually blurred by her sweaty little handprints and I like it that way.


WITL Thursday 2016 2

7:27am – Ella is warming up and getting blown away by the heater this morning.


WITL Thursday 2016 3

8:04am – I got a text message from mum this morning telling me that they had arrived safely in Hong Kong after a delay on their flight departing Perth last night. I’m already feeling their absence.


WITL Thursday 2016 4

8:06am – Breakfast. Baked beans & scrambled eggs on toast again.


WITL Thursday 2016 5

9:52am – I spent a few hours yesterday and a couple more this morning just about tearing my hair out trying to fix a few things I wasn’t happy with about my blog. After a lot of messing around and way too much time wasted, I’ve finally got it doing what I want it to do.


WITL Thursday 2016 6

10:13am – Brushing out some of the knots from my hair. I was so paranoid about losing hair after having Violet, I’ve heard so many stories of women who had hair coming out in clumps. My hair is naturally quite thin already so I couldn’t imagine what it was going to look like if I started losing even more of it.
My super generous and kind hairdresser, Renee, kindly gifted me a row of extensions to provide me with a bit more body to see me through what I was convinced would be the inevitable phase of temporary baldness. Lucky for me though the hair loss didn’t ever actually seem to happen. I’m so thankful for that.


WITL Thursday 2016 7

WITL Thursday 2016 8

11:17am – Miss Violet is awake from her morning nap of nearly 1.5 hours. She has this really cute little habit of sleeping with her head resting on her hands which means she quite often wakes up with the imprint of her fingers on her forehead.


WITL Thursday 2016 9

WITL Thursday 2016 10

WITL Thursday 2016 11

11:49am – I have a big wedge of pumpkin in the fridge that needs to be used before it’s no good. Since my friend Rachael is coming over for a visit a bit later I decide to make some pumpkin scones.
The pumpkin scone recipe I use is from the CWA Cookbook and I am so lucky to have this copy which was handed down to me from my nanna, dad’s mum. You can tell that it has been well used and there are even still bits and pieces of paper with her notes written on them floating inside. It’s such a special family heirloom and I’m looking forward to being able to pass it on to Violet to cherish.
(I never did actually get to making the scones, I ran out of time!)


WITL Thursday 2016 12

12:14pm – We’re running really low on milk and the weather is nice so I decide to take a quick walk down to the shop.


WITL Thursday 2016 13

12:23pm – Violet loves looking around and checking things out when we’re outdoors.


WITL Thursday 2016 14

12:34pm – Little big eyes is helping me out by letting me rest the shopping basket on her pram. As usual, I go for milk and come back with things that I really don’t need… chocolate, cheese & fruit paste, olives and a date slice.


WITL Thursday 2016 15

1:22pm – Catching up with Rachael over a cup of tea and a little sweet treat. She’s just come back from an amazing trip to the US and Mexico and I’m so jealous of her adventures. It wasn’t all that long ago that I was joining her on them.


WITL Thursday 2016 16

1:51pm – Presents from Rachael. Can’t wait for Violet to wear this little onesie on our holiday to Bali in a few weeks.


WITL Thursday 2016 17

2:09pm – Late lunch. Just a simple sandwich of ham, cheese, tomato and wholegrain mustard.


WITL Thursday 2016 18

4:15pm – I’m getting a head start on dinner again and prepping some of the veggies I know I’ll need. Tonight we’re having Prawn Pad Thai with chicken instead of prawns. I’m just not such a huge fan of cooking seafood at home for some reason. It’s a rarity.


WITL Thursday 2016 19

4:39pm – Violet is being super cute and cuddly with Lee when he gets home from work today. I love how her face lights up when she sees him and I love how happy he is to see her at the end of the day. I don’t even mind that I seem to have fallen to the back of the pecking order behind Ella and Violet.


WITL Thursday 2016 20

6:13pm – Gaming. He loves it.


WITL Thursday 2016 21

6:54pm – This is how dinner is usually divided up each night. Two serves for dinner and two serves for our lunches. He tends to get a slightly bigger portion than me for obvious reasons.


WITL Thursday 2016 22

7:40pm – We do love our red wine in this house, it comes a close second to scotch. The wine rack in the bedroom doesn’t stay full for very long. This is actually the first time this week that I’ve had anything to drink. I’ll usually have one or two glasses of wine each night during the week.


WITL Thursday 2016 23

7:55pm – Trying out a new charcoal mask from Dermalogica. I used to take so much better care of my skin, treating myself to an at home facial at least once a week. Now it’s hard to find the time to squeeze it in but I know that now is actually the time that I really need it most. I’m making a mental note to set a day each week to do this.


For the rest of the night we hang out on the couches drinking red wine and watching Masterchef. As we do.


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