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Friday, or as we’ve taken to calling it around here FriYAY! (yes, I hear the universe groan every time I say it). Although the end of the week really doesn’t mean all that much to me while I’m not working, it does mean that I get to have more Lee time in the next couple of days and he gets some time to relax and unwind and this makes me happy.

Here is what Friday looked like…


WITL Friday 2016 1 WITL Friday 2016 2

7:40am – One of the drawbacks to formula feeding is having to wash bottles. It’s relentless. Usually we wash the bottles at the end of the day and leave them out here to dry overnight. I’ve not been particularly fussy about sterilising her bottles and to date she’s not gotten sick. But we also didn’t start formula feeding until she was nearly 3 months old so it’s possible she’d built up a better immune system in those first few months.
It was lucky that the first formula we tried (which also happens to be the cheapest on the market) worked well with Violet so that’s what we’ve stuck with.


WITL Friday 2016 3

7:42am – Ella hanging out in the sunshine in her favourite spot again. Just checking out what’s going on in the front courtyard.


WITL Friday 2016 4

7:43am – Apparently the PS4 controller was left on the arm of the couch when we went to bed last night, well within Violet’s reach. I’m sure she recognises it as one of daddy’s toys and so naturally she wants to play with it too. In the time it’s taken me to make up her bottle of milk she’s managed to turn the PS4 on and press a bunch of buttons. Lee of course is very proud when I send him this photo. He’s planning on making a gamer out of her.


WITL Friday 2016 5

8:38am – Breakfast. Toast again. It’s comforting.


WITL Friday 2016 7 WITL Friday 2016 8

9:05am – Violet and I usually read one story before each of her naps. It helps her to wind down and get ready for a nap and it provides some consistency which I know is good for babies of this age. Today we’re reading “I Love You Monkey”. Ella likes to listen to the stories as well.


WITL Friday 2016 9

9:08am – folding washing is another chore that sits high on my list of things that I don’t like doing. You would think that by now I would have realised that I’m far better off folding smaller amounts as I go but no, instead I leave it until I have a massive pile like this which then takes me half an hour to fold. I don’t iron. I gave that away around the time I moved into this house which was nearly 5 years ago.


WITL Friday 2016 10

10:07am – The Mum Bun. My hairstyle of choice on most days. What a cliche!


WITL Friday 2016 11

11:03am – Mum made this gorgeous and brightly coloured quilt for Violet to play on and we love it. I can’t wait until we can start talking about all the animals on it and the sounds they make with her.
Right now, in an effort to contain her curiosity and prevent her from exploring things that she shouldn’t be exploring, I try to distract her by surrounding her with nearly the entire contents of her toy box. It doesn’t work.


WITL Friday 2016 12

11:20am – I’m on the phone to iinet for the second time in as many days. Internet speeds here have never been particularly good but lately they have been getting worse. Today I’m clocking record breaking speeds of 1.93mbps. Ordinarily it doesn’t actually bother me all that much but it’s getting a bit ridiculous. And Lee gets super frustrated when he’s gaming and constantly getting lag (which is apparently why he dies so often – haha right!).


WITL Friday 2016 13

11:27am – This is one of Lee’s little quirks that I find annoying and endearing at the same time. He takes bites out of things and then puts the rest back.


WITL Friday 2016 14

12:04pm – Just chillin’. Hanging out on the ground with all her toys and her quilt.


WITL Friday 2016 15

12:30pm – I adore this backyard. I love the trees, I love the space, I love the green. And at this time of year I love how pretty it looks when the tree starts dropping all of it’s tiny little blossoms. It sounds like a light rainfall when the wind comes through and they all drop from the tree.
But with pleasure comes pain… they have to be swept off the pavers at least once every couple of days before they start to turn brown and rot and stain the bricks.


WITL Friday 2016 16

12:42pm – More of Violet’s washing. It’s unbelievable how much laundry one little human can generate.


WITL Friday 2016 17

12:42pm – The sun is out and shining brightly and I’m just taking a moment to enjoy it and to reflect on how I’m feeling at the moment. I’m feeling good right now, I’m happy and I’m upbeat and I feel like I can accomplish things and that I’m actually going to be able to do life. There have been times over the last couple of months that I haven’t felt very capable and have struggled to see light at the end of the tunnel but I’m happy that those feelings, for the most part, are starting to subside now.


WITL Friday 2016 18

12:48pm – I decide to treat Ella to a nice bone today. It’s come straight out of the freezer so it’s still frozen and cold and she’s not entirely sure about it. She spends a few minutes sniffing around at it and jumping away from it before she finally decides to dig in. Over the course of the afternoon she tries to bring it inside with her about half a dozen times and each time I have to tell her off and throw it back outside again. But she’s happy and occupied which is nice for her.


WITL Friday 2016 19

12:54pm – Lunch. Leftover pad thai.


WITL Friday 2016 20

1:35pm – Chocolate. There aren’t many days that go by without chocolate for me. Which is probably a big part of the reason why I’m not losing any weight and am unhappy with how my body looks and feels.
My relationship with chocolate is a long, tumultuous and complicated one (much like my relationship with food in general). I don’t know that I will ever really conquer my addiction to it but I hope that in the near future I can find away to not rely on it for comfort in the way that I do. It needs to be a sometimes food.


WITL Friday 2016 21

2:37pm – A quick trip to the pharmacist to pick up Violet’s medicine. Right now I’m using the bag that Lee bought me for Christmas to get around with. The camera bag handbag that I did have broke while we were in Sydney last year and he spent so much time researching bags to find just the right one that ticked the boxes of style, function and quality. He did good. I adore this bag.


WITL Friday 2016 22

7:02pm – Dinner. Leftovers from our indian takeaway the other night. It always tastes better the second time around.

We hang out watching TV as usual and have a relatively early night because Lee is always so exhausted by the end of the week.

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