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I spent the better part of Saturday fighting off a splitting headache, the same one that had been lingering around all week. No amount of tiger balm on my neck or paracetamol down the hatch was helping. I woke up on Sunday after a not-so-restful sleep with my head still pounding. Add to that the remnants of yesterday’s emotional fragility and we’ve got the recipe for a less than stellar Sunday. And here it is…


WITL Sunday 2016 1

7:31am – Lee and Violet hang out together in their matching pink outfits watching the morning news and waiting for breakfast.


WITL Sunday 2016 2

WITL Sunday 2016 3

WITL Sunday 2016 4

WITL Sunday 2016 5

7:47am to 8:45am – Sunday has become pancake day in our house. So much so that Lee is genuinely upset if for some reason we don’t have pancakes for breakfast on Sunday (sulk mode is activated!). I used to try different pancake recipes but after one particularly disastrous batch, I now just stick with these super fluffy and light buttermilk pancakes.


WITL Sunday 2016 6

8:46am – Violet joins us for breakfast this morning with a few small pieces of banana for her to play with and try to eat.


WITL Sunday 2016 7 WITL Sunday 2016 8

11:12am – This is how I deal with getting the washing done when it’s wet and raining. We don’t have a dryer so I have to make use of the limited undercover space out the back of the house. It works pretty well for everything but the sheets and towels. I’m struggling a bit more this year than I have in previous years though, just because there is so much more to be down with the extra bodies in the house.


WITL Sunday 2016 9

WITL Sunday 2016 10

11:15am – There are lemons growing on the tree! The tree that was cut all the way back to little more than a woody stump when I moved in nearly 5 years ago.


WITL Sunday 2016 11

11:16am – I’m outside and Lee is inside and has locked me out as a joke. A joke which I find funny for a couple of minutes but then I start to get angry when he won’t let me back in. And in the headachey, emotionally unstable and fragile state that I’m in, it’s just too much. And so sparks off a fight between us, a variation on the same fight that we always have. Ours is still a relatively new relationship and we’re yet to figure out a way to not continue having that same fight, but I know that eventually we’ll get there.


WITL Sunday 2016 12 WITL Sunday 2016 13 WITL Sunday 2016 14WITL Sunday 2016 15

12:31pm – Lee has gone to the gym, getting away is his way of dealing with and processing. Rather than sitting at home crying and feeling miserable and, well, just shit, I grab Violet and Ella and we go out for a nice long walk around the park. I’m not in any rush today, just taking in the fresh air and trying to clear my head and calm my emotions.


WITL Sunday 2016 16

12:33pm – a pretty patch of weeds in the park.


WITL Sunday 2016 17

3:09pm – Lee and I have talked things through and kissed and made up. But I’m still feeling a bit broken. Putting the pieces back together is not as easy as it was before the pregnancy and postpartum hormones took over my body.
While Violet is sleeping and Lee is gaming, I indulge myself with some quiet time on the bed with my book and my dog.


WITL Sunday 2016 18

4:33pm – there are a few things that I need for our dinner tonight and Lee convinces me that it would be nice for me to take a walk down to the shop on my own. “I think it might rain” I said, “it’s not going to rain” he said. So I put my headphones in and queued up some feel-good 70’s funk and off I go.
It did rain. But only a little bit. And I did enjoy the walk and the music and the crispness of the air. And I came home feeling so much better than when I left.


WITL Sunday 2016 19

5:17pm – Our little mischief maker just loves playing with these Boston Legal DVD’s. The kid has good taste.


WITL Sunday 2016 20

5:17pm – I think it’s fair to say that Lee has had enough of my constant photo taking this week. I’m just happy that he has indulged me for as long as he has.


WITL Sunday 2016 21

7:23pm – Dinner. Homemade pizza and red wine.


WITL Sunday 2016 22

9:24pm – Wrapping up the look inside a week in our lives. The bed is turned down and ready for Lee and I to drift off to sleep.


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