Week in the Life 2017 – Monday Words & Photos

I can hardly believe it’s been nearly a year since I completed this project. How different life looks now. I haven’t yet had a chance to compose my intentions / reason why for this year but I’ll come back to that. For now, I’m just eager to get my stories down before they disappear from my overcrowded brain.

Here is what Monday looked like…

7:38am || I was awake at 5:30am which is really stupid-o’clock for our last day of ‘holidays’ together. Maybe it’s my excitement about seeing Violet this afternoon. I picked up my Kindle and read for about an hour before dozing off again. It’s really bright in the bedroom at the granny flat in Bayview so I can rarely sleep much past sunrise. Now we’re both awake and scrolling through our phones… still a bad habit I would like to get rid of.

9:12am || We’ve just spent four days together in Sydney with Violet at home in Perth with Mum & Dad. I was so nervous about leaving her and going to the other side of the country but I am glad we did it, it gave Lee and I a chance to spend some quality time together. Although with all the socialising it’s been pretty exhausting too. The more I come back here to Bayview, the more I love it. The house is in such a pretty and quiet and peaceful location.

9:20am || Everywhere we go, I am always waiting for Lee to be ready!

9:53am || After a quick stop to pick up coffee and muffins at Coffee Brothers in Mona Vale, we’re off on our way to the airport. It should take about an hour or so. The first half of the drive is usually quite pretty as we head back down from the Northern Beaches.

10:22am || This is by far the worst part of the drive for me. Going through the tunnel under the Harbour Bridge. The thought of being in a long, enclosed tunnel underneath a large body of water freaks me out. If something were to happen there would be no escape. I made the mistake of telling Lee about my fear a couple of trips ago so now everytime we go through he really works hard at winding me up about it.

11:20am || We’ve usually arrive early to the airport to make use of the lounge before departure. Lee has a couple of drinks, we have some snacks and both do a little bit of reading while we wait for our flight to start boarding.

12:50pm || We’ve boarded the plane and we’re ready to go. I’ve used my points to upgrade us both to business class on this flight. I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to travel in business class as often as I have. I know that for most people, it’s not something they will get to experience in their lifetime. So I try not to take it for granted. We’re flying with Virgin Australia (of course) in their The Business cabin which is just so awesome.

2:25pm || I indulge in a couple of glasses of red wine to help me settle in and on the flight I watch Jackie and Manchester By The Sea. Both pretty serious movies. Both make my eyes leak a little bit.

2:48pm – 3:21pm || Lunch is a delicious 3-course affair. Mushroom soup to start. Barramundi fillet with smashed potato and green beans for the main. And I choose the cheese platter for dessert. I always end up feeling so full by the end of it. Of course that didn’t stop me from saying yes to an Anzac cookie with my coffee about half an hour later.

4:39pm || Home! Well, almost home. First stop is to pick up Violet from Mum & Dad’s. When we arrive she’s just finishing her bath. My heart is bursting when I see her. She’s not so sure. She looks at me like she’s not quite sure if I’m really there. And it’s only been four days! I am just careful to tell her that we’re home and we’re not going anywhere again for a while. I swear she’s grown since we left her. And now she says “yeah” all the time!

5:49pm || One of many piles of “stuff” to be unpacked and put away. I hate unpacking. At least now I see the benefit in doing it straight away and getting it over with. Not all that many years ago I would have left suitcases and bags sitting there for up to a week before doing anything about it.

5:49pm || I had to make a quick trip to the shop for a few essentials that we are going to need for tomorrow morning. Bread, bacon, butter, bananas and milk. Violet has full-cream milk, Lee and I both drink hilo.

6:10pm || A couple of the spoils from our trip. Haigh’s chocolate freckles are seriously to die for. The price is a little bit to die for as well but it’s such a rarity that I think it’s worth the indulgence. We stopped in at the Seed store at Sydney airport specifically to look for a bunny jumper for Violet. So very cute.

6:11pm || Our cosy and comfy bedroom. We’re home. Can’t wait to collapse in here tonight. We’re pretty much done unpacking. I think that could be record time.

6:51pm || Dinner tonight is courtesy of the freezer. Pea & Ham Soup I made a few weeks ago. This is just what I needed. Warm, comforting, not too heavy. I’ve definitely overindulged in the food department over the last week and I can feel it. I’m starting to feel really quite sluggish and heavy.

7:17pm || I should be studying. But instead we catch up on the episode of Designated Survivor that was released on Netflix while we were away.

8:19pm || We’re in bed for an early night of reading then sleep. I’m currently reading Outlander and Lee is just about finished the latest Harry Potter book. I’m so happy to see how much he is enjoying reading it.


Monday At a Glance:
Breakfast: Raspberry & Almond Muffin
Lunch: 3-course meal on the plane
Dinner: Pea & Ham Soup
KM’s traveled: 3354.2
Steps taken: 7945
Cups of coffee: 2
Loads of washing: 0
Photos taken: 75
Pieces of mail: 0
Toddler tantrums: 0

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