Week in the Life 2017 – Tuesday Words & Photos

Tuesday morning and we’re back to reality. I know that this week is going to be so busy. I’ve got a lot of uni work to catch up on and an assignment due on Monday so I am going to be spending a lot of time in my study. Here is Tuesday…

5:51am || Sitting in my study catching up on emails etc. My alarm goes off at 5:30am Monday to Thursday. Ordinarily I’d be up and showering straight away but with Lee on holidays this week, I have to delay my shower until a slightly more palatable time for him to be waking up.

6:36am || Drinking her milk. She usually lays on this big fluffy bear rug for her milk during the week.

6:39am || Reading the news online. He likes to spend some time each morning (sometimes a bit too much time if you ask me) catching up on news. As well as general world news, he reads about what’s happening in the world of cars and technology. I don’t think there has been a new article written about Blackberry that Lee hasn’t read.

6:40am || Staying close to Violet. Ella doesn’t get anywhere near as much attention as she really deserves. She is the sweetest and cutest and funniest little dog. Sadly she is overshadowed by her human little sister most of the time. But she is never very far behind her. They love playing together. And Ella can be pretty protective of her. When she wants to be.

6:55am || Eating & feeding breakfast. Laptops out on the table as we eat. Another one of those bad habits. Especially since ABC News 24 is playing on the TV as well.

7:54am || Starting on the ginormous pile of laundry we have to do after getting back from Sydney. Ordinarily this would be something for me to tackle but since Lee is on holidays from work, I’m leaving it to him. I’ll just get the first load started.

8:36am || Admiring Lee’s handiwork at putting Violet’s hair into little pigtails. I’m sure this is such a strange and foreign thing for him to do. They won’t stay in but it’s a start and it’s so awesome that he’s willing to try.

8:27am || Writing out my shopping list. We keep a small shopping list on the fridge during the week where we both write anything that has run out or that we need. Then I sit down with our meal plan for the week ahead and get everything we need down onto one A4 sheet. The format is pretty much always the same.

9:01am || Studying. Now that we’re home and back to reality I’m stressing about the amount of uni work I have to get through. I’ve fallen just a little bit behind. Thinking about how much I have to do to get ahead again, along with all the other normal life stuff going on, has me feeling pretty overwhelmed. I’m just going to have to put my head down and get really stuck in over the new few weeks.

10:04am || Driving to uni. The traffic today was unbelievable. I was caught out thinking that because it’s school holidays the roads would be pretty clear. How wrong I was. One set of lights on Alexander Drive was only staying green long enough for FOUR cars to get through. So I was about 5 minutes late to uni. These are the kinds of stupid little things that I get very worked up about.

10:35am || Listening to my lecturer. Today I’m in my Becoming and Early Childhood Educator unit. I love this lecturer, she’s so fun and personable and makes it easy for me to stay engaged for the 45 minutes she’s talking. Although today I recognise that I’m just not as switched on as I should be. Too many things jumbling around inside my head. Straight after the lecture I have a tutorial with my favourite tutor, the same tutor I had for one of my units last semester. I would give anything to have the opportunity to spend some time in her classroom. She’s exactly the kind of teacher I would like to be.

2:15pm || Shopping. I would normally do my grocery shopping on a Saturday but this week is obviously different as we weren’t here. It’s a fairly light week although there are a lot of household things that we needed which pushes the cost up. 

2:38pm || Dreading this part. My process usually starts by clearing out the fridge of any old food that is no longer any good. I’m getting better at this – there is way less food waste now than there used to be. Then I get everything put away. Usually I use re-usable shopping bags but this week I forgot them so had to go with plastic. I’m not super keen on the supermarket plastic bags but at least we do re-use them for rubbish during the week. Still, not ideal and both Lee and I agree that we’d like to move towards not using them at all.

2:52pm – 2:59pm || Making mischief is Violet’s favourite thing to do. Afternoons are the worst. She just starts to get really cranky and crazy and a little bit chaotic. My handbag is a source of endless amusement for her though, she loves to go digging through and see what she can find. Right now we have her little table set up in what should be the theatre room so she will disappear in there for 5 minutes or so to do some drawing. None on the walls yet but her little chair is covered in scribbles!

4:43pm || Tantruming. This kid is the best tantrum thrower. Dinner time seems to be a major source of drama for her and most days we endure a good 30 minutes of crying, thrashing and whinging as we try to get her to eat. I really hope that this is the ‘Terrible Twos” come early because I’m not sure how I will cope if these tantrums start getting more intense or more frequent. Right now I’m trying to teach her some self-regulation techniques. Of course most of the time they don’t work because she is so young but I’m operating on the basis that if I start working on these things now, she’ll be better equipped and more aware of how to deal with her emotions when she is capable of doing it.

6:44pm || Drinking wine. Ahhhhhhh…..

6:56pm || We’re having a couch dinner tonight. These are becoming more frequent than I’m entirely comfortable with. We’re watching the last episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. What did we do before Netflix?

9:45pm || Reading. These are on my reading rotation at the moment. It’s really cool going back and reading the Outlander novel having watched the TV series. I’ve read Thinner Leaner Stronger before but I want to go back and read it again to get myself back into the right mindset for training and eating properly. On the Kindle right now I’m reading In Farleigh Field by Rhys Bowen. It was an Kindle first book buy and so far I’m liking it. 


Tuesday at a glance
Breakfast: Bacon & eggs on sourdough toast
Lunch: Frozen meal – Thai beef & basil stir fry
Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese
KM’s travelled: 35.1
Steps taken: 7170
Cups of coffee: 2
Photos taken: 79
Pieces of mail: 1
Toddler tantrums: At least 6


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