Week in the Life 2017 – Wednesday Words & Photos

Today is a work day for me. Somehow I’m managing to juggle part-time work with almost-full-time study and not fall apart. But it’s a lot of hard work.

Here is what Wednesday looked like:

5:44am || Eating breakfast in my study again this morning so that Lee can sleep in a little bit longer. I’m using the time to blog my photos & stories from Monday.

6:35am || I love her sleep heady. Those first few minutes when she wakes up every morning are just the best. More often than not she’ll greet me with a really big hug and make a sound that I interpret as her saying “good morning”. I wish I could bottle those minutes and hold onto them forever. Some mornings I don’t want us to leave her bedroom.

7:06am || I’m a container person. I just have this thing for plastic containers. I guess it’s a part of my need to be organised. These are my little containers of food ready to pack to take to work with me today.

7:21am || She’s being totally spoiled by her dad this week. Like starting each day with a babychino. With a LOT of chocolate sprinkled on top. She loves them.

7:22am || On the days that he works, Lee has about an hour from the time he gets out of bed until the time he leaves the house. On work days he rarely cooks eggs because he tells me he doesn’t have time. I don’t know what he does in that hour that means he doesn’t have time to cook eggs. It’s one of Lee’s funny little mysteries. And it’s something that I am quite happy to remain a mystery to me. ( I’m not sure if the clenched fist is an indication that he really didn’t want me taking his photo?)

7:31am – 8:05am || On my way to work. Ordinarily I’d be leaving home at 7am and dropping Violet off at mum & dad’s house first. But with Lee at home it means I get to leave a little bit later. It also means I get to take the scenic route to work through the stunning Swan Valley during the golden hour. I still find it a little bit breathtaking and am so thankful that we get to live here.
Today it’s a good thing I’m feeling thankful as the traffic is truly horrendous. I’ve never seen it so bad. I was silly to think that the roads would be a little clearer with the school holidays on.

8:08am || My desk at work. I’ve been back working here since July last year. I’m still really enjoying it and I’m very lucky that I can be a little bit flexible with my days to fit in with my uni commitments. But I’m still on a casual contract so I have this constant feeling of uncertainty about whether or not my role is going to continue.

8:53am || We’re moving so this week is all about packing. When I first started with Perth Airport back in July 2014 I helped move into these offices. That was quite a mission. And now here we are three years later packing up to move again. Back to hKew we go. The change in atmosphere might take a little bit of adjustment.

5:02pm || I get home from work pretty hungry so Lee and I indulge in a little pre-dinner snack. Cheese, pate (for Lee, not me – yuck!), homemade pickled onions and homemade pickled cucumber. Give me allllll the pickles and the cheese.

5:03pm || Violet typically has refused to eat her dinner. But she will quite happy nibble on some pickled capsicum and pickled onion. Who is this kid?

5:25pm || Violet has a few minutes chilling out on the couch with Lee while he games before bath time.

5:44pm || She still loves bath time. Although she hates having her hair wet or laying back in the water. I don’t know what happened to bring that on but I’m sure she’ll grow out of it eventually. For now, I only wash her hair when I have to and try to make a game out of it to reduce the amount of screaming that goes on!

6:11pm || Once Violet is in bed, I get started on dinner. Our dinner times have crept later and later over the last 12 months. It’s purely born from necessity, most of the time I just don’t have the time to start prepping any earlier. But I would really like to find a way to get dinner on the table a little bit earlier than we currently do.

6:38pm || These bowls are my current dinner crockery. So many of our meals now get eaten from a bowl. This is the third night in a row we’ve used them. And they’ll probably get used again tomorrow night. There is something about eating from a bowl rather than a plate that just feels comforting and homely to me. I think I also like a meal that can be mixed together – so you get a little bit of everything in one bite.

6:49pm || Eating dinner at the table while watching The Project. It’s a pretty standard evening affair for us. This is pretty classic Lee having his photo taken.
After dinner I disappear to get some study done and Lee does some gaming. Which is a typical weeknight for us these days.

Wednesday at a glance:
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs & baked beans
Lunch: Tuna, brown rice & veggies
Dinner: Chicken stir fry & brown rice
KM’s travelled: 32.6
Steps taken: 13911
Cups of coffee: 1
Loads of washing: 1
Photos taken: 57
Pieces of mail: 2
Toddler tantrums: Too many!

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