Week in the Life 2017 – Thursday Words & Photos

Thursday was pretty much a carbon copy of Wednesday in terms of schedule and routine. So I’m taking a slightly different approach to documenting the day. Here is a look into the way things are around here…

The Dishwasher || I hate this dishwasher. We discovered soon after moving in that it’s been broken in a couple of places so pulling the drawers in and out is a pain in the butt. I also don’t like wash cycle choices and the fact that it doesn’t have a child lock. It’s one of those things that we’d like to replace but can’t justify spending the money on right now.
At the moment we probably do a full load about once a day to once every two days.

The pantry || This pantry is about twice the size of the one we had in Dianella and I’ve done a pretty good job of filling it. It’s nice to have all my baking supplies relatively accessible for when the move strikes. And space down the bottom to store onions and potatoes. I generally like to keep a stock of staple items in the cupboard so that I can actually cook something up without going to the shop if I need to.
Right now we have four different kinds of peanut butter. I have no real idea why that is.
Eventually I’d like to find a more efficient way of storing and accessing my spices. Logic tells me to mount a spice rack onto the door but it’s a hollow door so I’m not sure how that would go.

The kitchen bench || I love how much space we have on this bench now. But I am engaged in a constant battle to keep it clear of clutter. A clear and clean kitchen bench = happiness.

Violet’s Dresser || By default this has become the catch-all place for things that we need to keep out of reach in her room. Like bottles of hand sanitiser that she thinks would be nice to drink.
We really need to unpack her boxes of books that are still sitting in the garage but I don’t know where we’ll find the space to store them at the moment.

The study || Actually it’s a fourth bedroom but when we were house hunting I was pretty adamant that I need a study and luckily for me, Lee agreed. This is where I do my study for uni and my scrapbooking / memorykeeping (when I have the time!). Right now the floor is covered in books that I need to gather information for the three assignments I have coming up over the next couple of months.
I also have two typewriters. One that I’m keeping and one that I’m trying to sell.
There is way too much clutter in this room for my liking. But I just have to live with it for now. One day I will hopefully be able to finish off my vision for how this room is furnished and have everything neatly in it’s place.

The home theatre aka Violet’s play room || Lee and I also agreed that we needed to find a house with a dedicated home theatre. This would be “Lee’s room”. Where he could escape to game. And where we can have our at-home adult date nights / movie nights (few and far between as those are right now). Eventually it will be. But right now we don’t have enough furniture to cover the living area and the theatre and we only have one TV. And we don’t really have the money to be upsizing at this point in time. So right now this room is serving as a pretty handy little playroom for Violet. Much to Lee’s disappointment.

The coffee machine || We had this really great idea of setting up a little breakfast nook next to the dining table. Instead we’ve ended up with the coffee machine over here because it doesn’t really fit very well over in the kitchen. At first it was a little bit annoying but now we don’t mind so much.

The living area aka Violet’s play area || I spent an hour or so going through everything in Violet’s tub of toys and culling what she’s too old to be playing with . That felt a little bit bittersweet. It’s getting more and more difficult to contain her and keep her away from all the electronics of the TV & games setup. She’s becoming way more industrious in getting around obstacles.
I think the time is rapidly approaching where we need to move the TV and couches into the theatre and set up her play area here in the living area.

His wardrobe / Her wardrobe || These robes looked tiny to me when we first moved in but I was happily surprised at how well everything fit in. Mine is pretty well chock-a-block full of shoes on the bottom. Our wine lives at the bottom of Lee’s robe.

His bedside table / her bedside table || Way more books on my side. I’m way more into reading.

Loveseat || This wooden loveseat belonged to my great-grandmother. I’m so lucky to have it. Right now it’s filled with my pyjamas and gym gear. We lost a lot of drawer space when we moved into this house so we had to improvise a little bit.
I’m pretty bad when it comes to putting clothes away. I hate seeing them piled up and untidy looking but I hate sorting through and putting them away even more apparently.

Our dresser || Another hand-me-down piece of furniture. This one was handmade by my great-grandfather. It’s so solid and sturdy and I love it.
Until we moved into this house I the photo frames had photos of me with Pop and me with my brothers in them. I figured it was high time for me to swap them over with photos of Lee and I.
Another spot for clutter here. This is mostly just the bits and pieces that still need to be put away from unpacking from our trip.

Our house || We’ve made so many improvements already in the time that we’ve been here. But there is still so much we want to do.
Sorting out / tidying up the gardens is something that is on our to-do list for this house. I think we will probably end up pulling out a lot of what is here and replacing it with what we like. 

The backyard || We’re so happy to have a house with a good-sized backyard. They are becoming more and more of a rareity.
The shed is finally up and ready to be filled. And the lawn is now starting to fill in and look good. I’m hopeful that we’ll tackle the gardens and be ready to spend more time out here next spring/summer.

Thursday at a glance:
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs & baked beans
Lunch: Leftover chicken stir-fry
Dinner: Coconut chicken & chickpea curry
KM’s travelled: 29.9
Steps taken: 12076
Cups of coffee: 1
Loads of washing: 0
Photos taken: 57
Pieces of mail: 0
Toddler tantrums: It’s probably better that I stop trying to count these.


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