Week in the Life 2017 – Friday Words & Photos

The next three days are going to be pretty hectic. There is so much that I/we need to before the end of the weekend. And we’re both getting sick. Sigh.

Here is how Friday went down…

6:32am || It wasn’t all that long ago that the first thing I did when I got out of bed in the morning was make myself a coffee. But now I’m starting out with a big glass of water. Firstly because I know that I need that rehydration first thing in the morning. And secondly because I’ve now come to know that the first cup of coffee for the day is actually more beneficial if you have it 30-60 minutes after waking up.

7:14am || By contrast, Violet still starts each day with a bottle of milk. Technically she’s past the age of drinking from a bottle but it’s not something I really want to take away from her just yet. 

7:16am || On the weekends, when Lee is home, Violet usually comes into our bedroom to drink her milk in the morning. Because he’s been off work all week, she’s been coming in more often. It’s also Ella’s favourite place to snuggle in the mornings.

7:19am || His & hers coffee mugs by Robert Gordon. Mine is pink. His is blue. I love the rustic look and feel of these mugs. I usually kick things off by filling the mugs with boiling water to warm them up. Then Lee makes the coffee.

8:51am || Lee is heading to the gym this morning. He has a protein shake + supplements before and after his training.

9:21am || Violet is going to spend a couple of hours with Gmar and Gpar while Lee is at the gym. Right now she’s really into checking the mail everytime she is out the front.

10:11am – 12:53pm || I’m hidden away in the study working hard on the assignment I have due on Monday. Last semester I was really good about getting started on my assignments nice and early. But for this one I have left it right down to the wire. Although I knew what I was going to be writing about and I had already done some research and made a lot of notes, I hadn’t made a start at bringing it all together until this week. So now I’m racing against the clock to get my first draft written in time to be able to make a couple of revisions before submitting it. It’s a rookie move on my part. I’m just hopeful I’ll still be able to pull something together that will score a decent mark.

12:54pm || Cheese sandwich. Our go-to lunch. Which usually ends up with her pulling the sandwich apart, eating the cheese and leaving the bread.

12:54pm || Ella waits patiently by for falling food. More often than not, Violet will intentionally drop some to her. Sometimes it’s a good thing having Ella ready and waiting to scoop up food. Like, when I need food cleaned up and don’t want to get the vacuum / sponge out.

1:18pm || Lee has read my mind and bought me a second cup of coffee. The best kind of assignment writing fuel.

2:36pm || Lee has an appointment to get his hair cut in Inglewood. I have some library books that I am already overdue returning and I need to grab a couple more books to pull from for my assignment. So Violet and I drop Lee off at the barber (which is literally just down the road from uni) and head to the library on campus.

3:23pm || We got back to the barber to pick Lee up but he was nowhere to be seen. Of course he’d taken himself off to the pub next door for a pint. Although I’m a little bit annoyed because I need to get home to work on my assignment, I could see that getting angry wasn’t going to do any good. So I grab myself a beer as well and we spend 20 minutes sitting out in the sun together.

10:17pm || I’ve been working like crazy trying to make some headway on my assignment. But to make things even worse, Lee is getting a cold and has decided to sleep in the spare room to try to spare me from getting it too. I’m also feeling a little bit disappointed that I haven’t been able to take as many photos for WITL as I would have liked. Now it’s late and I need to do some reading in bed to try to switch my brain from study to sleep mode.

Friday at a glance:
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs & baked beans
Lunch: Nothing (whoops)
Dinner: Pizza
KMs travelled: 33.4
Steps taken: 6163
Cups of coffee: 2
Loads of washing: 0
Photos taken: 50
Pieces of mail: 0
Toddler tantrums: Let’s not talk about it.




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