Week in the Life 2017 – Saturday Words & Photos

We’ve got a big day ahead of us today. Time to start tackling some of the things we’ve been putting off since moving into this house over 6 months ago.

Here is what Saturday looked like…

7:10am || It’s strange waking up without Lee next to me. In two and a half years we’ve spent only one night in separate beds. And that was recently when he came home with an ‘upset stomach’ from a big night and I chose to sleep in the spare room. I bring Violet in to bed with her milk when she wakes up.

7:44am || I’ve somehow fallen into a pattern of making breakfast on the weekends. Like I don’t do enough cooking as it is! Today we’re having bacon and egg sandwiches.

10:16am || While Lee and I are at work clearing out the garage, Mum and Dad have picked up Violet and taken her over to visit Grandma at the aged care home. Violet usually goes to visit them once a week on a Tuesday and from all reports, they love having her there. 

10:21am || When we first moved in we had so much stuff. Unnecessary stuff. And it pretty much all got dumped in the garage. It took about two months for us to clear enough space in the garage to park one of the cars. To clear out the rest we’ve been waiting on the garden shed being built and ready (which is now is) and a bulk rubbish collection (which starts on Monday). It feels like a big job but in reality it probably won’t take that long. I’m prepared to be pretty ruthless.
In true Aussie form, as soon as we start putting stuff out on the lawn, there are people coming along and picking it up. One man’s (or woman’s) trash really is another man’s treasure.

10:22am || I bought Lee and spiffy new cordless drill set for Christmas last year. Yet still, I had to work pretty hard to convince him that he didn’t really need to hold onto the old one. I know I can be pretty bad for accumulating and holding onto “stuff” but he is way worse than I am.

10:34am || Remember CD’s? I have a huge box full of them. I can’t bring myself to get rid of them just yet. I really should go through and get rid of the ones that I’m not such a fan of. But it’s a matter of finding the time to do that. For now they’re just going to have to stay in their box tucked away somewhere.

11:09am || Violet is back from her visit with Grandma. I found a lot of my old things from when I was a little girl in a box in the garage. Including this lace shawl that I wore for a ballet concert. It’s Violet’s now.

12:26pm || MUCH better. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would. Although I did have to put the breaks on with Lee who wanted to do way more than we did. But I reasoned that I just don’t have the time to get that stuck into this weekend. We still won’t be able to fit both cars in right now but at least we’re one step closer. Just a little more sorting and putting away to do.

1:03pm || I can’t believe we’re this far into the week and I haven’t really got a photo of Lee engaging in his favourite thing – gaming. He loves his PS4. Right now he’s mostly playing Battlefield 1.

1:05pm || 36 years old and still I’m plagued by blackheads. 36 years old and still I’m using Biore Pore Packs.

1:08pm || Now that the physical work is done, I’m right back into the mental work. I’m almost finished my first draft. Just the introduction and conclusion to write and then I’ll be ready to print it off and start revising.

3:30pm || While I’m working on my assignment, Lee takes Violet for a trip to Bunnings. On his shopping list for today were some shelves for the shed and a few other bits and pieces. Violet doesn’t seem to impressed about being crammed in the back with the boxes.

5:55pm || There is a small garden bed by our front door with a giant rosemary bush and a giant lavender bush. The lavender isn’t faring so well at the moment, I think because the reticulation isn’t working properly. But the rosemary is still thriving. It’s pretty handy having it here on hand for when I need some for cooking. I’m looking forward to getting our herb/fruit/veggie patch going out in the backyard soon.

5:56pm || Although I made a conscious decision to document this week in black & white, I couldn’t resist including a colour image of the stunning sunset tonight. Those whispy cloud formations…

7:58pm || I’ve been a strictly red wine only drinker for quite a few years now. But over the last 6 months I’ve found that I have been a bit more partial to white. So we’ve kept a couple of bottles on hand for when the mood strikes. Tonight we’re having a chicken and mushroom risotto for dinner so it made sense to go with some white wine.

Saturday at a glance:
Breakfast: Bacon & egg sandwiches
Lunch: Leftover pizza
Dinner: Chicken & mushroom risotto
KMs travelled: 0
Steps taken: 11592
Cups of coffee: 1
Loads of washing: 2
Photos taken: 47
Pieces of mail: 0
Toddler tantrums: Not that many today, yay!


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