Week in the Life 2017 – Sunday Words & Photos

The end of the week already. Man this has gone quickly. The days seem to fly by when there is so much to fill them with.

Here is what happened on Sunday…

6:29am || I don’t sleep in anymore. The closest I get is that sometimes my body wakes me up at 6:45am. But that’s ok, part of the evolution of getting older and shifting priorities. I’m making use of the early morning time to get back at it on my assignment before Violet wakes up.

9:13am || Breakfast is over and done with and Lee is left to entertain Violet while I shower and tidy up the bedroom. I came out of the bedroom to find this cute little scene going on. This week that they’ve spent together really has been such a great bonding opportunity. I know that Lee has loved spending time with Violet and seeing how much fun she is to be with at the moment. And I can tell that Violet is feeling a lot closer to Lee as a result. I think the foundations have been laid for a future daddy’s girl.

9:21am || Violet loves brushing hair. Of course half the time instead of brushing she is hitting my head with the back of the brush. But that’s ok. It’s the fun that matters.

10:44am || I wanted to make a sandpit for Violet but I knew it wouldn’t be the greatest idea. This is a kid who has to put everything in her mouth. As an alternative, I’ve made her this rice bucket. Just a cheap plastic storage tub filled with a couple of bags of different rice and some bath toys. She loves playing with it and she loves climbing into the tub and moving around inside the ride. She also loves to eat the rice. And that’s ok.

10:44am || Lee is hard at work again (who is this guy!?) putting together the shelves in the shed. I think now that he’s started he can see the light at the end of the tunnel and wants to keep moving until things feel a little more settled. I’m not about to interrupt this burst of motivation. Instead I’m going to try to steer it towards tackling the gardens.

10:45am || Meanwhile I’m putting together our meal plan for next week and getting my shopping list sorted to do a quick bit of grocery shopping today.

3:09pm || We’ve snuck off for an outing at the new Ku De Ta on the water in East Perth. Cold beers on a beautiful autumn Sunday. It really doesn’t get much better than this.

3:21pm || And the reason we’re here is to catch up with my gorgeous friend Heidi. Who I have been friends with for what feels like forever. And who I rarely get to see (she lives in Dubai so it can’t be helped) and don’t stay in contact with anywhere near as much as I know I should. But the time and the distance never really seems to matter all that much, which is what makes our friendship so wonderful. I absolutely love and cherish my Heidi friend.

3:56pm || Looking back at the venue as we were leaving, it was just too pretty to be able to resist taking a photo.

4:33pm || A quick selfie during a quick stop at Yahava for some coffee beans on the way home. It’s so handy having it literally just down the road from us now. We do laugh though that they started offering free shipping for all online orders the week we moved in here. Still, I don’t think it would have changed anything. We have always relished the opportunity to take a trip out to the Swan Valley. Now we live on it’s doorstep. It was meant to be.

5:37pm || Ssssssigh. Sadly, this is a pretty standard look for a Sunday night around here. It drives me mad. I can’t even deal. The rest of the house is in a similar state. Except for the garage. That’s now super tidy. I dream for a simpler, more minimalist life. It’s something I yearn for – order and tidiness and neatness and everything-in-its-placeness makes me feel content. But I don’t know that it’s something that is entirely sustainable for me or for this family or for this house.

7:24pm || About a month or so ago I convinced Lee to let me buy this multi-cooker appliance. It slow-cooks, steams, sears, bakes and pressure-cooks. I think it’s probably one of the best kitchen appliances I’ve ever owned. Since I bought it it’s been used at least once per week. Some weeks it gets used multiple times. It’s bulky and a bit of a pain to store away but totally worth it. Although I’m not a huge fan of the way that slow-cooked meals come out in this vs those cooked in the oven, it does a fine job with curries and casseroles if I need to be able to just set and forget. Particularly when I know I won’t be staying home for the length of time needed to cook.
Tonight we’re having a Vietnamese Chicken Curry. Which was actually the first thing I cooked in this pot. But I’ve tweaked the recipe a little bit to see if I can get a better end result. I like my curries to have a pretty high meat to liquid ratio.

Sunday at a glance:
Breakfast: Bacon & egg sandwiches
Lunch: McDonald’s – Cheeseburger meal
Dinner: Vietnamese Chicken Curry with broccoli and brown rice
KMs travelled: 65.6
Steps taken: 9895
Cups of coffee: 1
Loads of washing: 2
Photos taken: 38
Pieces of mail: 0
Toddler tantrums: A few


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