12 of 12 – March 2018

  1. 5:30am: Coffee is made and I’ve grabbed some of this weeks required reading for uni.
  2. Last year I found that the best time for me to complete my uni work was at night, after Violet was in bed and we had dinner. But that doesn’t seem to be working for me right now. It seems that my best and most productive time for me at the moment is those early morning hours. So I’m trying to get in a bit of reading or some time at my computer each morning before one (or both) of the kids wake up.
  3. I have an early start today so breakfast is consumed on the go in the form of a smoothie.
  4. Violet is such a routine person. It borders on obsessive at times. Right now she has to start every day with a small bowl of “crunchy muesli”. It has to be in the same bowls and must be eaten with a spoon, preferably while watching tv.
  5. This is what getting ready to leave the house looks like on a good day. One bag packed for me. One bag packed for Violet. One bag packed for Jack. It’s a minimum 15 minute process just to get all the bags and all the humans out the door and into the car.
  6. Adorable, smiling Jack. He’s 12 weeks old today. And he celebrated by sleeping for 12 hours overnight. Go Jack, go!
  7. On my desk at uni. I’m a stickler for order and organisation.
  8. I’m lucky that the course I’m completing at uni means that the majority of our tutorials are spent doing very hands-on activities. Today we’re playing with Lego.
  9. But it does get serious of course. Just a few books that I reserved to start working on research for my first assignment.
  10. Back to the G-parents house to pick up the kids. Violet needed to have lunch first so I made her a sandwich using these new sandwich thins which I am trying for a Social Soup project. I thought it was worthwhile giving the social influencer thing a try. I’m not sure if I’ll continue it though.
  11. I think it’s a pretty safe assumption at this point that Jack will be the only grandson. So it seems befitting that Jack takes after my dad in looks. So far at least.
  12. These guys arrived today. I’m trying to swing myself back onto a proper health kick and clean up my/our diet. Hopefully these will help to spice up some simple meals.

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