12 of 12 – June 2018

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  1. I have my first exam at 8:30am this morning. I’m up earlier than everyone else (as usual) and using the time to drink my coffee and go over my study notes.
  2. On my way to uni for my exam – Guiding Children’s Behaviour. The irony is not lost on me as this is something I am struggling with on a daily basis with Violet at the moment. I’m really loving wearing my beanie at the moment. 
  3. I stopped at Charlie’s on my way home from my exam and stocked up on some non-essentials…and some bread.
  4. Lee has gone out to meet some friends from Sydney for lunch. I had such a tough time getting Violet down for her nap, only to have her scream for 45 minutes. So I got her up and we had some quiet time reading our books in our bed. She actually managed to stay still and quiet for a decent amount of time.
  5. Cute and funny.
  6. The kids are both awake and somehow occupied. I’m taking a rare moment to put my feet up and drink my tea. I know it won’t last very long.
  7. Milk for Jack. Breastfeeding stopped last month. It wasn’t necessarily a conscious decision but was brought on by the logistics of life at the moment. I’m actually a little bit sad now that it’s all over.
  8. Dinner time for Jack and Violet. Although I try to have Violet eat dinner with us on most nights, sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. And sometimes she needs to get into bed earlier so she eats earlier.
  9. The reality of the fussy-eating toddler. This is what she didn’t want to eat…basically all of it.


Just 9 of 12 this month. 

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