Week in the Life 2018 – Tuesday Photos & Stories


6:20am // I’ve been enjoying my little “sleep-ins” while Lee has been off work. Ordinarily his alarm would go off at 4:50am which meant I was awake from that time as well, and I usually got up with my own alarm at 5:30am. But with him at home I’ve got my alarm set for 6:00am so that I can get up an enjoy my coffee and a little bit of time to myself first thing in the morning.

7:13am // The view from my desk in my study. Everything has a lovely pink-ish orange-ish glow this morning.

7:52am // Violet is constantly asking to watch Peppa Pig. All day, every day. Some days I try to limit the amount of TV she watches (usually by telling her it’s broken) and other days I just don’t have the energy to battle with her over it. I think we’ve probably seen every Peppa Pig episode at least 6 times each by now. And you know she’s watching a lot of it when you ask her  how much something costs and she replies with “It’s four pounds!”.

8:28am // All sitting together for breakfast this morning. Jack is in his bouncer on the ground waiting for it to be his turn.

9:03am // And now Jack’s turn for breakfast. At the moment he’s having some baby cereal with fruit in the morning. And he loves holding onto and chewing his spoon when it’s all gone. Lee is most likely reading the news or reading up on some new tech or car release.

9:03am // Ella is never too far away from the table when someone is sitting there. You never know when a stray piece of food will become available for her.

9:14am // I am definitely the kind of person who needs to make the bed every day. It doesn’t usually get done as soon as we’re up. Usually it’s after breakfast and around the time that I’m brushing my teeth. It just feels too unsettled and untidy to see an unmade bed throughout the day. And I don’t like the idea of hopping into an unmade bed at the end of the day. When the kids are old enough I will definitely be passing this habit along to them if I can.

9:57am // It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been to the gym. It’s just been so hard to find the time and when I have had time, I’ve struggled to find the energy and motivation. But I’m here today. And I’m jumping right back in and attempting to increase my weights from my last session. I’ve still got a long way to go until I’m back lifting what I used to lift, but I’m slowly getting there.

11:13am // While I’m at the gym, Violet is at home playing with some dress-ups. How sweet and beautiful she looks here. It’s rare to get a genuine smile from her in a photo!

11:33am // I’m back from the gym just in time to catch Lee making lunch for Violet. A peanut paste and honey sandwich…. except lately Lee’s “sandwiches” have evolved to two pieces of bread with spread on them. 

11:42am // Violet has been having fun pulling things out of drawers while I’ve been gone. A similar scene greets me just about every time I come home from running errands etc. For me it’s just a little too much and I have to do a quick tidy up.

12:56pm // Leftover chickpea & cauliflower curry for lunch. It’s pretty typical for me to eat lunch in the study while the kids are asleep. When I’m not studying, I’ll work on one of my memory keeping projects.

12:59pm // Ella likes to come and chill in the study with me. I think even more so now that I have my little oil heater on so it’s nice and warm.

2:06pm // Learning to roll means getting himself into sticky positions in his cot. Jack woke up from his nap and started going ballistic so I raced in to find him squished up in the corner needing to be rescued.

2:12pm // Another afternoon, another cup of tea made and not drank. This time because I had to go and clean Violet’s underwear after an “accident”…

2:42pm // Fresh and clean underwear on, afternoon snack in her bowl and tucked up by Daddy on his chair with his blanket. She loves this.

3:04pm // This week Violet has been really into having a whole pear to herself. I need to “start it off” by taking the first bite, then away she goes. But of course she never actually finishes it. Just takes bites all around the outside then puts it down somewhere and she’s done.

3:21pm // FINALLY! A cup of tea I actually get to drink.

4:07pm // I was out hanging the washing when I looked up in the sky and noticed the double rainbow. A sweet reminder of all that is beautiful in the world. I grabbed Violet and took her out the front of the house to have a look at it. “WOW!” she said. But then got pretty upset at not being able to touch it. 

4:16pm // She apparently found some wiggly worms in the garden. She doesn’t like wiggly worms.

6:41pm // Its my turn to give Violet her bath tonight. Right now she’s fixated on being allowed “2 minutes” to do things. So at bath time I set the timer on my phone and tell her than in two minutes when the timer goes off, it’s time to wash. Then in another two minutes when the timer goes off it’s time to get out. Doing it this way seems to better prepare her for what is going to happen and reduces the severity of the ensuing battle against the inevitable.

7:14pm // Violet’s bedtime routine has evolved over the last year and honestly, it’s getting a little bit out of control.
She has to sit on her stool, holding her tile while we read the story together. After mummy or daddy read the story, she then has to read the story. She puts the book away and says goodnight to whoever is still away, and blows a kiss to Jack through his bedroom door. Then she comes back into the bedroom to turn her rain sounds on, have a couple of big drinks of water, close her door and turn off her light. Once she’s in bed, she has to be tucked in “snug as a bug in a rug”, and SuperGirl has to be tucked in “snug as a bug in a rug”. Then, the words….. “this one up, this one up, this one up and this on up” (the sides of the cot), “coffee and clip and hair tie” (remnants from a long ago nap), “fix my rain sounds”, “fix my window”… and then we must engage in the call and response “sweet dreams”, “love you”, “see you in the morning” and “good night”. If you skip or miss a step, well you might as well just start all over again.

7:30pm // Exhausted. Waiting for Lee to be done in the shower so that I can jump in. We agreed that sharing the shower doesn’t work so well in the colder months.

7:58pm // Lately I’ve been getting more loads of washing done in the late afternoon and into the evening than during the day. The washing never ends.


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