Week in the Life 2018 – Wednesday Photos & Stories

Today I’m capturing some of the details of our home. In all their messy and a little bit chaotic glory.


The Laundry // The case of Heineken that doesn’t really belong here but doesn’t have anywhere else to go. The baby bath that is no longer needed but I’m not quite sure what to do with. The bare walls where the I’ve been waiting for the overhead cupboards to go since not long after we moved in.

My Study //  The shelves and cupboards filled almost to the point of overflowing with craziness and clutter. The picture shelf with happy messages. The empty Malteasers bucket which may or may not be refilled at some point in the future. The signs of storage and organisation evolving towards what I would like it to be. The things that I no longer need or want but don’t know what to do with. The cluttered desk.

The Toilet // Signs of toilet training in progress.


The Kids Bathroom // The toddler-sized toothbrush and baby toothpaste. The non-slip stickers inside the bath. The his-n-hers face washers and towels.

Jack’s Bedroom // The baby carriers which are no longer practical because of his size and weight.  The shelf of toys and the night light / projector that has been so valuable at night for both Violet and Jack. The sparse wardrobe of his clothes and my winter coats. The storage above.

Violet’s Bedroom // The bedtime stories on rotation at the moment. The slept-in cot and bedtime buddies that have now been freshly washed. The wardrobe full of clothes, and all the pretty dresses.

The Kitchen // The bottles that have become a permanent feature on our kitchen bench. The daily schedule to help Lee know what Jack needs throughout the day. The stovetop where I’ve been cooking up food to go into the freezer for Jack. The pantry that never stays tidy and organised for very long.

The Theatre // The pile of washing waiting to be folded. The collection of Lee’s toys. The little decorative touches and the orchid that we’re just barely managing to keep alive and the wine decanter which doesn’t belong there.

The Living Area // The peace lily which is the only indoor plant I’ve been able to keep alive, sitting atop the old writing desk that was once Pop’s and is now our mini-bar. The dogs beds – one Ella’s and two Angel’s who has just come to stay. The collection of soft toys and the cover to Violet’s chair waiting to be put back on. The overstuffed bookcase which is home to books + toys now. The pile of books that Violet read a couple of days ago and her tile (which was supposed to be my Mother’s Day gift). The dolls falling out of the cradle and the well-loved pram and the lace shawl I wore for ballet when I was a little girl. The shelving unit that has frustratingly become a home for so much crap.

Our Bedroom // The love-seat which once belonged to Aunty Violet and now provides a home for the clothes I will wear again (or haven’t yet put away). The dressing table and the bits and pieces that have been put up there after Violet has dug them out of one of my handbags.

His // The wardrobe that is filled with more alcohol than clothes. The toy snake which Violet is frightened of, strategically placed to keep her away from the speaker, and the oil diffuser which is new but which we’ve become addicted to using at night.

Hers // The stack of books that have been sitting there for at least 9 months waiting to be read and the sticker that Violet has carefully stuck down. The wardrobe with all the clothes I so rarely get to wear.

The Ensuite // The stuff, all the stuff, including the remnants from breastfeeding care which I can’t bring myself to get rid of yet. The newly installed shower caddies and all of our products.

The Backyard // The Christmas Poinsettia which is still holding on to life. The toys – dog’s and toddler’s – which litter the ground outside. The chalk drawings on the sliding door because we’ve not yet put a blackboard up for her. The side of the house which we’ve now both agreed would be better off paved. The cubby house donated by Gmar and Gpar and the things that Violet has hidden inside it. The raised garden beds which have been waiting for so long to be filled with home grown foods. The washing line which is never empty and the cover which I am so grateful for. The pegs inside the watering can (why not?) and the bucket of sand and water left by Violet, who loves to play outside no matter the weather. The open bag of stinky-poo mulch (?) that was spread around months ago ready for planting which still hasn’t happened.  My key lime tree which has never produced fruit but is looking healthier now than it ever has, so perhaps soon I will be able to make my real key lime pie.





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